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This marks the 25th year that we have been sharing our Holiday Greeting online, the Mundo's are thankful to be all doing well!  Minor bouts with Covid were inconsequential and we all have kept up with our vaccines.  Losing the masks, dodging  the storms that affected Florida, and migrating toward normal has been our goal this year.  Another family Thanksgiving weekend cruise was a welcome treat.


Megan returned to, and continues to do well in Brooklyn.  The new normal of being able to work from home part of the time has allowed her to visit us frequently during the year.  She is effective working remotely whether she is here or working from her apartment in NYC.  So as long as she is physically in the office when needed she enjoys the flexibility allowed.  Vincent also continues to work from home as a website software tester.

Margaret and I are enjoying retirement.  We still work as poll workers during elections and I have experimented with some part time jobs in an effort to keep busy.  

Lisa and Todd's boys grow taller by the day, Evan turned three this year, Kenton is now in 8th grade and Houston in 6th, compare pictures from previous years and you will see how much they have grown.


Click on ANY of the scrolling photos below, or the links at the top of the page to see of what else we were up to this year      Best Wishes from all of us for this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

...and a TERRIFIC New Year !

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