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Another year gone and all is well with the Mundo clan.  Megan is doing well in New York City following her dream and career path, in the Big Apple.  Going into her second year in the city she enjoys the vibe, the wide selection of entertainment, plethora of food choices, and the opportunities available.   But there is also the reality of dealing with subway delays and outages, the high cost of marginal housing, losing a roommate, overall struggles of being an adult, and of course winter.  But she is very proud to be successfully standing on her own two feet, and like the song says ... "if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere."    Margaret keeps busy by missing Megan, keeping Vincent on the straight and narrow, and making our household a family.  But she can still find the time to talk the ear off any neighbor that she comes in contact with.  She's broken up her busy year with a couple of trips to NYC to check things out, and a Thanksgiving family cruise to Cozumel (thanks Mike and Laura).    

Vincent should complete his Associates' degree from Broward College this year, and joined Margaret and I working the polls during this year's elections.  Lisa, Todd and the boys have gotten into swimming and have traveled around the state defending Sebring's honor at various swim meets.    

As for for me everybody keeps asking when I am going to retire, so maybe this coming year would be a good time to do so.  Megan is primarily responsible for this year's Christmas Card.  Double click on the photos below for additional pictures from what went on with us this year and a link to our PREVIOUS GREETINGS  along the top margin.  Best wishes from all of us for this holiday season!

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20181208_132126 (2)

...and a Happy New Year.

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