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The Mundo's are thankful to be relatively unaffected by Covid-19 and the various other challenges everyone has faced in 2020.  We agree with the concensus that this has not been a stellar year!

Megan temporarily bailed from her NYC apartment in March for the safety of home at Dad's insistence.  Then actually gave up her apartment in Brooklyn completely and moved back home when her lease ended in December since she has been working remotely most of the year.  Megan was able to manage a work trip to Hawaii in February, and a personal trip to Spain in March, before the Rona shut things down.  Vincent also has a job that allows him to work from home as a software tester.  This is the first time everyone has been home for an extended period since Megan was in high school.  Margaret and Vince are happy to be retired, for the extended family time and to have the kids home safe and sound under our roof. 

Lisa and Todd's boys are growing like weeds and Evan turned one this year.  We are all hoping for a better 2021!  Pictures of travel and events were scarce this year.  Click on ANY of the scrolling photos below to see what else went on with us, or to see one our PREVIOUS ONLINE GREETINGS.
                                                               Best Wishes from all of us for this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

...and a BETTER New Year !

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