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This year big changes for the Mundo family, everybody was on hand to watch Megan graduate from college in May.  She landed a summer internship at Translation, an advertising agency based near Times Square in Manhattan, which she turned into her first real full-time job as a Junior Strategist.  So she starts out 2018, as a real New Yorker "living the dream" (riding the subway, living in a tiny apartment, paying too much for everything, dealing with the cold, lease payments, and utilities, the whole nine) in a brownstone in Brooklyn.   The rest of us are content to happily carry on in sunny South Florida, Vincent continues to attend Broward College, Lisa is enjoying the early years watching Houston and Kenton grow in Sebring, Vince continues to smell fish, and Margaret keeps busy, by keeping the home fires burning and missing Megan.  

This is the 20th edition of our online Christmas Greeting and the format has changed since our previous software is obsolete.  Actually Vincent helped and played a large role in making this year's online greeting.  Double click on the photos below for additional pictures from what went on with us this year and a link to our previous greetings.  Best wishes from all of us for this holiday season!


...and a Happy New Year.

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